• FIXED: fixed a bug that would sometimes cause endpoints to wrongly be output as form operations (#50)
  • IMPROVED: added generation of produces based on renderer classes
  • IMPROVED: added generation of top-level consumes and produces based on DEFAULT_PARSER_CLASSES and DEFAULT_RENDERER_CLASSES (#48)


  • ADDED: security requirements are now correctly set and can be customized; this should fix problems related to authentication in swagger-ui Try it out! (#50, #54)
  • IMPROVED: updated swagger-ui to version 3.9.2
  • IMPROVED: updated ReDoc to version 1.20.0
  • FIXED: fixed an exception caused by a warning in get_path_from_regex (#49, thanks to @blueyed)


  • FIXED: djangorestframework>=3.7.7 is now required because of breaking changes (#44, #45, thanks to @h-hirokawa)


  • Fixed deployment issues


  • ADDED: basePath is now generated by taking into account the SCRIPT_NAME variable and the longest common prefix of API urls (#37, #42)
  • IMPROVED: removed inline scripts and styles from bundled HTML templates to increase CSP compatibility
  • IMPROVED: improved validation errors and added more assertion sanity checks (#37, #40)
  • IMPROVED: improved handling of NamespaceVersioning by excluding endpoints of differing versions (i.e. when accesing the schema view for v1, v2 endpoints will not be included in swagger)


  • FIXED: schema view cache will now always Vary on the Cookie and Authentication (the Vary header was previously only added if public was set to True) - this fixes issues related to Django authentication in swagger-ui and CurrentUserDefault values in the schema


  • IMPROVED: updated swagger-ui to version 3.8.1
  • IMPROVED: removed some unneeded static files



  • ADDED: added support for APIs versioned with URLPathVersioning or NamespaceVersioning
  • ADDED: added ability to recursively customize schema generation using pluggable inspector classes
  • ADDED: added operation_id parameter to @swagger_auto_schema
  • ADDED: integration with djangorestframework-camel-case (#28)
  • IMPROVED: strings, arrays and integers will now have min/max validation attributes inferred from the field-level validators
  • FIXED: fixed a bug that caused title to never be generated for Schemas; title is now correctly populated from the field’s label property


  • FIXED: Swagger UI “Try it out!” should now work with Django login
  • FIXED: callable default values on serializer fields will now be properly called (#24, #25)
  • IMPROVED: updated swagger-ui to version 3.8.0
  • IMPROVED: PrimaryKeyRelatedField and SlugRelatedField will now have appropriate types based on the related model (#26)
  • IMPROVED: mock views will now have a bound request even with public=False (#23)


  • FIXED: fixed a crash caused by having read-only Serializers nested by reference
  • FIXED: removed erroneous backslashes in paths when routes are generated using Django 2 path()
  • IMPROVED: updated swagger-ui to version 3.7.0
  • IMPROVED: FileField is now generated as an URL or file name in response Schemas (#21, thanks to @h-hirokawa)



  • FIXED: fixed bug that caused schema views returned from cache to fail (#14)
  • FIXED: disabled automatic generation of response schemas for form operations to avoid confusing errors caused by attempting to shove file parameters into Schema objects


  • First published version